#1 Way To Change an Ugly View From Your Pool Enclosure

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As a homeowner one of the most important elements of any home is sense of security and privacy from neighbors. Unfortunately, several communities in Florida have neighboring lanais that look directly into the homeowners’ personal backyard space resulting in a less than pleasant range of emotions. An aesthetically pleasing and financially viable option to prevent such evoked feelings of privacy disturbance are patio scene designs.

A Patio Scene is a special screen that is completely dark facing your neighbors but on the inside of the lanai displays a picturesque design that is enjoyable for you and your family. Many homeowners don’t realize that patio design images are virtually infinite ranging from tropical beaches, dense forests, Japanese gardens, or even your own personal photography. Gulf Coast Aluminum can create virtually any patio design as long as the image is 300 DPI.  Patio Scenes cab installed on any screen enclosure. You envision your patio oasis and we make it a reality.

One of the most frequent questions we receive pertains to the material of the screen and how it’s durability and color will hold up over the years battering Florida sun. The screen is made with a highly laminated UV solvent that bonds with the screen creating a UV protected coating. Not only is the screen UV protective but also it still maintains airflow to keep the cool breeze. The life expectancy of a patio scene ranges from 8 to 12 years.

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