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A Fast & Simple Re-screening in Cape Coral

Re-screening a pool cage or any other outdoor extension of your home is a very simple process that we do efficiently. For most screen enclosures, a re-screen will take 2 days. While some of the larger ones can take 2-3 weeks. Our crew do it quickly but rest assured that quality is still our top priority. 

For this particular project, we did a full re-screening of the homeowner’s pool cage. We replaced their old ones with a SuperScreen. This mesh screen has a tighter weave that keeps No-see-ums out of your outdoor space without obstructing view or airflow. For this, it is definitely the industry-leading choice for outdoor enclosures.

Rescreening in Cape Coral

There’s a reason why many avail a re-screen service. For one, a typical low to mid-grade screen mesh only lasts for a couple of years, so with a few wear and tear, your enclosure will surely need frequent repair and restoration. For this reason, many opt for a full re-screening of our top-shelf SuperScreen with 10-year warranty. With this screen you won’t be dealing with repairs and restoration for your screen for a long time.

Another reason to replace your old screen is that it’s a necessity. Screen enclosure is a defense against the sun and those pesky tiny insects. With SuperScreen, you’ll be able to enjoy this extension of your home without any worry. Plus, the process itself is guaranteed to be hassle-free. With the help of our hands-on project manager and dedicated crew, the whole process will be easy as a breeze. From the removal of your old screens up to the clean-up, you’ll be taken care of.

Cape Coral Pool Enclosure

We do more re-screening than any of our competitors. So we can confidently claim that we’re the best in the re-screening business. 

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