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How Strong is Polyester Mesh?

When you’re ready to make an investment into a screen enclosure, you need to sit down and consider all of your options. You may already be aware that there are different types of materials used for the screens. You may also already know that polyester is by far the strongest type of material used. But […]

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Screen Enclosure Restoration Buyers Guide

BUYERS GUIDESCREEN ENCLOSURERESTORATIONWhen is The Right Time to Restore A Screen EnclosureWhat Does A Restoration Include?How Much Does A Screen Enclosure Restoration CostHow Long Does It Takes to Complete A Pool Enclosure Renovation?Choosing A Contractor for Screen Enclosure Restoration When is Timeto RestoreA Screen EnclosureYou are the proud owner of a screen enclosure. You host […]

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Challenges Of Painting A Pool Cage

It’s recommended that you repaint your house every 5-10 years depending on environmental conditions to keep the curb appeal top notch.  A pool enclosure is no different.  As we know, the type of paint used plays a large part in how long the finish will last.  Unfortunately the industry standard finishing on pool enclosure members […]

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