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Efficient Restoration of Pool Cage in Naples

Depending on the quality of materials that is used to build your enclosure or the quality of work that was put into it, you may need to have it repaired and restored a number of times. If low-grade materials were used, in a few years, you may see your fasteners getting rusty and the aluminum structure unstabilizing.

For these reasons, a quality service just like our lifetime restoration is very crucial to salvage your enclosure. For this particular service, we tend to all the elements of the structure that needs fixing. This includes repainting, re-screening and replacing the fasteners.

For this project, we repainted the aluminum structure, which made the enclosure look brand new. We used the Sherwin Williams Hi-Solids Polyurethane, which was sprayed on electrostatically. The bronze paint is definitely looking sophisticated. 

Then, we re-screened the whole enclosure with Super Screen 17/40. This one is among the best screens available on the market. In addition, we also replaced all the fasteners with Blue-tap Stainless, Pro-Tect Tapcons. This is to ensure the structural integrity of the enclosure.

The replacements and repairs that we did guarantees the homeowners that they won’t be needing to have their enclosure repaired for at least a couple of years. Because of the top notch quality of the  materials that we used and the quality of work that our crew has put into this project, the homeowners definitely got their money’s worth and more.

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