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Enclosure Restored to Look New in Naples

This pool cage in Naples had been an eyesore because of rust, algae and the natural wear and tear. That’s why our client decided to call us for our Lifetime Restoration service, which includes re-screening, repainting and replacement of fasteners. Here are a couple of photos of how the enclosure looked before the restoration.


To make the pool cage look new and fresh, we repainted the aluminum structure with Sherwin Williams Hi-Solids Polyurethane which was sprayed on electrostatically. We painted the same white color that the enclosure used to have. 

Moreover, since the old screens had a number of tears we had to replace it. For the re-screening, we used the Superscreen 17/14. This is one of the best screens available in the market. And with its warranty, you are guaranteed that it’ll last for a long time. 

After changing the screens, we replaced all the old fasteners with Blue-tap Stainless, Pro-Tect Tapcons. This is to ensure the structural integrity of the enclosure. The fasteners, just like all the other materials that were used in this restoration had really good warranties. 

Availing our lifetime restoration package will for sure, give you your money’s worth. With the quality of materials and work that is put into the restoration, the homeowner’s won’t be needing any repair or restoration work done for their enclosure.

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