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Gorgeous Pool Enclosure Upgrade in Naples, Florida

 We say this a lot but will say it one more time: screen enclosure is a necessity. They provide for sun and bug protection which is so important if you want to maximize the use of your outdoor space without sacrificing comfort and safety. So when your screen enclosure is starting to get ragged don’t think twice and just get them replaced ASAP.

That is pretty much the case for this particular project. This homeowner decided to have a full re-screen of their family’s pool enclosure. Their screens started to get some tears-and guaranteed that when this happens more will follow. So it’s best to have it replaced early on.

Another great detail that made this screen enclosure replacement exceptional is the clear view screen option. I mean just look at this gorgeous view...

Screen Enclosure in Naples

For this project we used Super Screen Tiny Insect Mesh --which is the best screen to defend against insects. This new and improved 17/20 mesh screen has a tighter weave that keeps pesky insects out of your outdoor space without obstructing view or airflow. For this, it is definitely the industry-leading choice for outdoor enclosures.

Not only that, SuperScreen tiny-insect enclosures feature a 10-year limited warranty and UV-resistant technology that prevents fading and flaking, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on expenses for repair costs. You can’t go wrong with this screen.

Outdoor Screen Enclosure

With all that said, don’t wait until your screens are all dismantled and don’t let insect bites ruin your outdoor relaxation. Give us a call and have your screen replaced. You don’t have to worry because screen replacements, like this project, will only take a couple of days and 1-3 weeks at most for larger ones. Our guys are quick!

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