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We’re an owner-operated local contractor in Southwest Florida that builds screen enclosures, patios, carports, sunrooms, custom handrails and a few other things.  We have a facility in Fort Myers and North Port.  We do things as small as a 1 piece of screen repair, to condo railings on 30 story buildings.  You can take a look at our services here.  We focus on quality, not quantity.  We are a full service, in-house contractor, and do not sell kits or ship materials.  We’re the company to call when you want a headache free project, start to finish.

We’re a Florida State licensed contractor and fully covered with insurance. Unlike make fly-by-night operations (unlicensed or uninsured) we make our insurance, and license information available to you transparently. We’ve found, and our past customers agree, that an educated customer, is the best customer. Take the time to view our site, learn about us, and what we have to offer. We have created a wealth of information in our Knowledge Center and Featured Projects so you can better understand what you need and want on for your project. This puts you in the drivers seat, and not a salesman! Once you’re certain Gulf Coast Aluminum is the company for you, give us a call or get your estimate conveniently online. Most of our projects are in someway estimated conveniently online over the phone — many of them with 100% accuracy. For smaller projects, our service call rates are given. For larger complex projects, the scope will be discussed, a ball-park price will be discussed and if everything is inline, a meeting set-up for final numbers.



Corey Philip, and Thomas Davis started building screen enclosures as teenagers in 2004 when hurricane Charley devastated their hometown of Punta Gorda.  They continued to work in the industry through college, gaining experience in everything from project management, planning, and sales.  It was then that they realized, no companies were really delivering what customers truly wanted — a headache free project.  After graduating college in 2011 (Corey, Florida Gulf Coast University – Thomas, Stetson University), armed with a truck, some student loan debt, and a heap of ambition they decided it was time to start Gulf Cost Aluminum.

Since the humble beginnings, Gulf Coast Aluminum has come along way from 2 guys and a truck, to dozens of guys and dozens of trucks, but Corey and Thomas are still the first ones to flip the light switch every morning.

Knowledge Center

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Featured Projects

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