Recent Screen Enclosure Projects In Naples Florida [Ideas & Inspiration]

Recent Screen Enclosure Projects In Naples Florida

Take a look at some of our recent projects in the Naples area.  We are a local business covering from Naples from Punta Gorda.  You can view our full service area here.

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Installing Undertruss Lanai with Dog-Approved Pet Door in Naples

If you’re a dog owner, you know how hyper pets can get in the mornings. Some pets just need to take care of business (if you know what I mean) first thing in the morning. And then comes the zoomies. This

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Rescreening a Pool Cage in Naples for Protection Against No-See-Ums

Are you getting bug bites every time you spend time in your pool enclosure? Even if you double check that you don’t have holes on your screens, those pesky bugs just seem to find a way to get inside. You’re probably

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Making a Pool Enclosure in Naples Look Brand New

When you’re getting bug bites every time you stay in your pool area, you know it’s time to replace your screens. Our client in Naples was experiencing this, and since it’s almost time for the summer, they opted to have a

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Screen Enclosure Restoration Turned Into a Brand New-Looking Pool Cage in Naples

Our client in Naples called us for a pool cage restoration including a clearview conversion, but really, it looks like they got a brand new pool cage built. Their screen enclosure had all the signs of aging: rusted fasteners and run-down

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Installing New Screens for a Pool Cage in Naples

Regular screen enclosure maintenance is inevitable when you have a pool cage. You can’t control the weather, the environment around your home that contributes to wear and tear, but you can choose better materials for your enclosure. Re-screening is an inevitable

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Getting a Pool Enclosure in Naples Re-Screened

If you look closely, you’ll see how many small holes there are on this screen enclosure… What good is a pool enclosure if you can’t stay in your pool area without getting a million bug bites in just minutes? Our client

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Full Rescreen for a Pool Cage in Naples

Have holes on your screen enclosure? Or maybe it’s come loose and will not withstand another day of heavy winds… Our client in Naples had these problems because he’s had the screens for years. We rescreened his entire enclosure and put

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Transforming an Outdoor Pool Area with a Picture Window Enclosure in Naples

We’ve all had to spend most of our time at home this past year… You’re probably either so pumped to leave or you’ve started to notice every single thing that’s becoming an eyesore in your home. One of them might be

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Screening In a Front Entryway in Naples

The front entrance is the best point of entry for bugs in your home. It gets opened a lot, and especially for our client’s corner front entryway in Naples, it’s an area where bugs can be found often. They called us

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Revamping a Pool Cage in Naples

When was the last time you had any maintenance work done on your pool cage? We can almost always tell which ones have been left idle for a long time without any major upgrades or maintenance. Our client in Naples had

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