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Lifetime Restoration of a Pool Enclosure in Fort Myers

For this project our client chose to avail a lifetime restoration for their pool enclosure. Our lifetime restoration is named as is because we use top of the line materials that your pool enclosure is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Moreover, the materials that we use have the best warranties that you can get in the market.

The enclosure of this pool owner badly needed a restoration. For one, the screen mesh panels are dismantled and in some parts, the mesh is completely gone. In addition, the fasteners and some other parts of the enclosure are old and rusty and they threaten the integrity of the structure. Look at some of the parts of the pool cage before the restoration:

To restore our client’s pool enclosure we implemented our lifetime restoration package which included the following services: repainting, rescreening and replacing fasteners. To begin with, the enclosure was in the color bronze and the homeowners wanted to retain the color, and we agreed.

So in our attempt to make the enclosure look new, we painted the whole structure in the same color using Sherwin Williams Hi-Solids Polyurethane sprayed on electrostatically. We also rescreened the enclosure using Super Screen. And last but not the least, we replaced all the fasteners with Blue-tap Nylotech and Stainless Pro-Tect Tapcons. 

Blue-Tap Fasteners

10 Year Warranty

Tapcons Tru-Stainless

Lifetime Warranty

Super Screen

10 Year Warranty

 After the restoration, this pool enclosure in Fort Myers will surely be enjoyed by the pool owners for a very long time. Apart from all the practical benefits from the lifetime restoration, just check out at how fresh the screen enclosure looks.

 If you’re going to have your pool enclosure restored, best avail our lifetime restoration package. Contact us for inquiries.

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Corey Philip

Corey began working on screen enclosures as a teenager in 2004 after hurricane Charley devastated his home town of Punta Gorda. 7 years later, after holding positions from foreman, to sales, to project manager, while attending college at Florida Gulf Coast University, Corey and childhood friend Thomas Davis founded Gulf Coast Aluminum in 2011. With a focus on delivering an unparrelled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under their leadership. Today you’ll find Corey answering the phones In his free time Corey likes training for triathlons, running the trails at Ding Darling park on Sanibel Island, and of course, working on growing Gulf Coast Aluminum.