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Most people think of Gulf Coast Aluminum as a ‘pool cage builder’.  That is true (kind of).  We do build quite a few pool cages.  In total though, pool cages are a very small amount of what we do overall.  We tend to think of ourselves as more of a service provider.  You’ll see why starting with our first service (in no particular order).

Screen Repairs

Have a screen out?  We’ll fix it.  Screen repairs from one to a few panels are our most popular service.  Our service guys usually see around 20 people per day.  We can get screen repairs done quickly, with scheduling usually no more than a week out.

Full Re-screens (and fastener replacements)

The most common screen used as a lifespan of 7-9 years.  Many of the homes in our area were built just over 9 years ago.  That means the pool enclosures are at re-screen time.  Our crews can get most re-screens done in 1 – 2 days.

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Common builders grade screen enclosure turning green, and fasteners rusting. We will be doing a restoration on this enclosure.

Screen Enclosure Restoration

Many of the pool cages that were built during the housing boom, used metal with a low grade epoxy paint, and cheap steel fasteners.  10 years later they look pretty… awful.  The aluminum members have turned green, the lower rails have corroded, and the steel fasteners have rusted leaving red stains running down the structure.  Our restoration process rescreens, upgrades the fasteners, and repaints the enclosure to have it looking like new, at about half the cost of a new screen enclosure (our new enclosures used a 2604 powdercoat and Nylotech fasteners for a much higher quality enclosure than builders grade).

Epoxy paint is turning green. Fasteners are rusted. Soon enough though, we will have this enclosure looking like new.

Front Entryway

Screening in the front entryway is extremely common.  The projects generally cost $1,000 – $2,000 and in most areas can be done without permit (this means things happen faster).  We have several dozen doors and many features.

Screen Rooms

Screen rooms have a solid roof and are often referred to as a lanai or added on lanai.  They’re popular because most home builders leave a lanai that is too small to be used (like 8′ x 8′), or worse, leave no lanai at all, only a slider door that opens to the back yard.  Our screen rooms offer the ability easily add on an under roof lanai with screen which can be used as a sitting area, dining area, or entertaining area.

Pool Cages

Finally we get to pool cages.  We no longer offer builders grade enclosures, only our GCA Standard.  Our GCA Standard uses long lasting materials, a 2604 powder coat, so that in the future you won’t need the restoration.  You can read more about the: GCA Standard Pool Enclosure

Romano Patio & Pergolas

The Romano uses wood grain finished aluminum to give the visual appeal of classic wood with the resilience of aluminum.  A solid roof could be done for rain protection, or a pergola style roof for strictly shade.  The Romano is one of our newest and most inquired on services, so we expect this to move higher up the list through 2017.

This sunroom is constructed of implact glass with a tiled insulated roof to match the home.


Sunrooms are one of the more complex and pricey structures we offer.  Our sunrooms are done with seamless fabrication which means that custom pieces made to conceal all screws.  They start around $10,000 for a small acrylic ‘fill-in’ (under existing roof) and have been priced as high as $200,000 for a large impact glass sunroom under air, with tiled roof (click on picture to the left).



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