14 Recent Screen Enclosure Projects in Fort Myers FL For Ideas & Inspiration

14 Recent Screen Enclosure Projects in Fort Myers FL For Ideas & Inspiration

Fort Myers is simply one of the best cities in Southwest Florida. It’s one of the top choices for people because of the relaxing atmosphere, the slow-paced lifestyle, and the quiet beauty of the metro.

From the beaches to the neighborhoods, there’s a certain charm to Fort Myers that suits retirees and families. It doesn’t take a lot to settle and feel at home here. We know because we have plenty of homeowner clients who have taken it to heart to make their house their safe place.

We do many awesome screen enclosure projects in Fort Myers Florida (and throughout SWFL). This post will show you a small bit (we do hundreds of projects each year) of the recent projects we’ve done in the area. Take a look!

Beautiful Picture Window Conversion

For over 20 years, this pool enclosure has made our clients feel too caged in. This homeowner called us because they wanted to enhance their view… The aluminum members and double chair rails were disturbing the view of the golf course and lake a few feet away from their house.

So we re-engineered their screen enclosure, or what we’d like to call a picture window conversion, to give them the best maximum view that a 40 ft opening would allow.

After getting the permit and engineering, we got to work! We used the strongest variation of the Superscreen to make sure it can withstand strong wind pressures. Check it out!

Ref# 18362

Emergency Repair For the Roofers (on screen enclosure balcony)

The calls we usually get are from homeowners wanting to have their screen enclosures or lanais done. This time, it’s from a roofing company. When they needed to have a balcony screen for their customer fixed quickly, they knew to call our team at GCA.

An unfortunate accident got their customer’s undertruss lanai damaged and we had to redo it quickly because no one wants bugs into their home.

In a span of 2 days since their call, we got to take the measurements of the opening, fabricate the new screen with the right dimensions and was able to install it the morning after. The roofing company and the property owner were =)

Ref# 18482

From Rundown Screen Enclosure to Looking Like New (pool cage restoration)

Years of Florida elements can do a number on a screen enclosure. The nasty elements like algae that have settled on this pool cage are from years of neglect from the original owner.

Some of the people who move here buy homes on a good deal but with some repairs and restorations way past overdue. It’s only a downside if you don’t know what to do with it, but that’s why we do what we do. We see this as an opportunity.

This homeowner had just purchased the property and called us to whip it into shape. See how we delivered.

Ref# 18416

Lakeview Under-Truss Screen Enclosure

This property had a roofed area with openings on the walls. With a good view of the lake and plenty of space to put furniture in, it was a perfect place to host people and have some barbecue parties in.

The only thing is it was completely open on the sides, inviting mosquitos in especially being so near a lake where they can quickly multiply. We installed wind- and tear-resistant Superscreens, which are the best for tall and large openings like this. Click play to see the before and after photos.

Ref# 18198

Bronze To Bronze Restoration & Clearview Conversion (it’s tall)

Fading paint, some torn panels from frequent storms, metal corrosion, and rusty fasteners. This pool cage was a perfect candidate for a restoration. We did that.

We changed all the fasteners to Nylotec, repainted it bronze with an electrostatic application, re-screened the entire enclosure, and even updated the storm cables. However, the biggest change with this pool cage is the clearview conversion.

It’s a lot like the picture window conversion we did four projects ago. We took out all the triple chair rails that were giving our clients a not-so-good view and installed new support posts for a single large opening that utilizes the view of the outdoors.

Ref# 18633

A Radical Restoration For This Screen Enclosure On The Water

For this homeowner, we restored the entire pool enclosure with a special focus on transforming their front wall. Right in front of their pool cage is a canal, but their cage-like enclosure was really hampering on the potentially beautiful view of it from their pool area.

With the clearview conversion, the same as what we did in the previous project, we were able to open up their space to give an unobstructed view. Now they have a more relaxing atmosphere in their pool area.

Moreso, they don’t have to worry about the strength of the structure. When we got there, there were missing tapcons and faded members because of the natural elements, especially with them being on the water. We resolved all of that with new paint and new fasteners.

Ref# 19120

Flakey Paint To A New Color… This Screen Enclosure Looks Great Again.

This pool cage was quite the average size of pool cages we typically work on, but the repairs are well past just a maintenance update. This was a necessary upgrade.

All the fasteners on this screen enclosure were rusted, some were even missing, some parts of the metal members were bubbling due to electrolysis caused by years of water and heat damage. It was evident the enclosure was over 15 years old and haven’t been taken care of since.

We transformed the entire enclosure, even went as far as painting over the fascia under the roof where the pool cage was attached to the house. Our clients were particularly happy about the new bronze color.

Ref# 19168

Upgrading to Full Views with a Front Wall Clearview Conversion

A clearview conversion is one of our most popular services, mostly for homeowners like this one who lives near the water. They couldn’t utilize the view of the lake or pond in front of their enclosure because of the distracting aluminum members.

We removed all the vertical ones on the front wall and replaced it with a 2×8 frame. The whole opening measured 42 ft. in total and we screened it in with Superscreen to withstand great wind pressures.

Ref# 19123

Bug-Free Screened-In Front Entryway and Back Patio

Front entryway screens are also one of our most popular services. Homes in Southwest Florida usually don’t have them pre-installed, so a lot of our customers come to us with the common issue of bugs in those areas.

This client opted for a front entryway screen design we call simple and functional. It’s a minimal yet sleek look with a full screen on one panel. We installed the same Superscreen on the sitting lounge at the back of their house. Bugs won’t be an issue for several years with the strength of our materials.

Ref# 18960

Restored Screen Enclosure Looking Brand New

We’ve done too many restoration projects with happily surprised clients. If they didn’t know better, they’d probably think we made a brand new pool enclosure in their home without knowing it. It’s a similar case with this pool cage restoration project.

All the fasteners were corroded all the way through, it was surprising none of them have fallen out. (Rust causes some of them to fall out.) There’s also some white sheen on the screen because of their old age. At that point, more than 90% of its strength is gone.

We replaced all that needed replacing — tapcons to Nylotec fasteners and old screens to strong Superscreen. It can hold out 180 lbs. of wind pressure. We also carefully repainted it to bronze with our electrostatic application. Our client was thoroughly pleased with how new it looks.

Ref# 19505

A Complete Screen Enclosure Upgrade

With this project, we didn’t just restore the old pool cage to new condition, we fabricated a completely new one for our client. The old one had a good run for more than 10 years already.

The old enclosure had several vertical members every few feet and a chair rail 3 ft from the ground. The new one we built and installed is much better appearance-wise and is much better structured.

It’s a clearview type of enclosure with full screened openings for the walls. It offered a completely bare view of the lake just outside the house. We also installed a new Supergutter for better water drainage and replaced the undertruss lanai on the side of the enclosure.

Ref# 18621

Unobstructed Sunset View with a Brand New Picture Window Enclosure

Are you getting tired of how your pool cage looks right now? Our client knew theirs could be better. That’s why he called us to remake a new one for him that will maximize their sunset-facing pool cage.

Their pool area is larger than average so their old enclosure had several members and a chair rail. With the position of their house and their pool area, they couldn’t maximize the view of the sunset.

We fabricated a new enclosure with thicker frames and a 4×4 support beam to hold the picture windows. Their pool deck measured over 60 ft. long. We also made the roof of the enclosure much higher than the old one to open up the place more and make it look bigger from the inside.

Ref# 19257

Restoring a Pool Enclosure for Kids’ Haven

This homeowner’s pool deck seems to be made for the entire family, specifically the kids. We got this done right at the beginning of summer when it’s the perfect time to host family for a pool party every weekend.

It was quite large but we performed our usual restoration process, complete with new Nylotec screws, electrostatic bronze paint, and sturdy Superscreen that’s built to last for several years.

This is our lifetime package that makes use of the strongest materials we have. For such a big enclosure, we made sure our clients can enjoy it without any trouble for many years.

Ref# 19373

Minimal Undertruss Lanai Screen for Insect Protection

This undertruss screen enclosure is one of our latest projects in Fort Myers. They had such a relaxing setup in this outdoor space including a hammock, but couldn’t really enjoy it with all the insects that kept bothering them.

The lake in behind their house isn’t helping with keeping insects away. Quite the opposite, it was the breeding ground for those little pests.

We installed a screen on every opening — there were 4 in total. We made sure not to involve a chair rail for aesthetic purposes. Our Superscreen can handle strong wind pressures and is tear-resistant. The two sides also have upgraded doors without the push bar in the middle for a minimalist look.

Ref# 19660

If you see any project you like and think will be suitable to upgrade your home, give us a call at 239-312-0878.

Corey Philip

Corey began working on screen enclosures as a teenager in 2004 after hurricane Charley devastated his home town of Punta Gorda. 7 years later, after holding positions from foreman, to sales, to project manager, while attending college at Florida Gulf Coast University, Corey and childhood friend Thomas Davis founded Gulf Coast Aluminum in 2011. With a focus on delivering an unparrelled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under their leadership. Today you’ll find Corey answering the phones In his free time Corey likes training for triathlons, running the trails at Ding Darling park on Sanibel Island, and of course, working on growing Gulf Coast Aluminum.