Condo Handrails & Screen Balconies On The Gulf of Mexico

Condominium buildings, large and small, are everywhere in Southwest Florida and with that comes the need for safe and secure railings on all the balconies and staircases.

Installing railings on condo buildings is no easy task. It requires a company with Extensive knowledge of the types of railings offered and the installation process, along with a company with the resources to handle large projects. It is also crucial that the company has the appropriate project management skills for the project, as some of the work may be may need to be coordinated with other trades also working on the building or homeowners occupying the units.

On this particular project we were called in to replace all of the condo balcony handrails and aluminum frames for screen. The project consisted of over 50 units on a Seven story condo building that was undergoing a complete exterior restoration. The work needed to be completed on a tight deadline to accommodate homeowners who were awaiting their return for the season. To make the workflow as efficient as possible handrails for the units were prefabricated on the ground level. Once prefabrication on the ground was complete each unit was then hoisted to the appropriate balcony for installation. By doing this floor traffic through the interior of the condominiums was minimized as well as the potential for damage by transporting materials in the front door of each condo to the rear balcony.

Inside The Process: Condominium Carports

Living in Southwest Florida gives residents a bounty of benefits such as 300 days of sunshine, pristine beaches, and beautiful nature. However, every year summers bring about the risk of high winds, rain, lightning, and falling tree debris that can cause significant damage; specifically to your vehicle. An affordable solution to protect your vehicle from Florida’s natural elements are aluminum carports that ensure your vehicle remains safe all year long.

The Installation

First, the team takes accurate measurements of the car space that will be covered, engineers the design, and receives a permit from the local county. Aluminum posts are installed on all 4 corners. The top of the posts are then framed in to support the aluminum roof. The roll form or composite roof panels are then installed on top of the posts. Typically, 1 foot of overhang is added every side to help maximize coverage. Lastly, the carport is sloped at a slight angle to ensure consistent rain runoff.

Finished Product

The Gulf Coast Aluminum Team is specialized to build carports from commercial condos to residential houses. Colors come in white or bronze and the type of aluminum roofing comes in roll form or composite material.

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