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Screen Enclosure Restoration Buyers Guide

BUYERS GUIDESCREEN ENCLOSURERESTORATIONWhen is The Right Time to Restore A Screen EnclosureWhat Does A Restoration Include?How Much Does A Screen Enclosure Restoration CostHow Long Does It Takes to Complete A Pool Enclosure Renovation?Choosing A Contractor for Screen Enclosure Restoration When is Timeto RestoreA Screen EnclosureYou are the proud owner of a screen enclosure. You host […]

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Challenges Of Painting A Pool Cage

It’s recommended that you repaint your house every 5-10 years depending on environmental conditions to keep the curb appeal top notch.  A pool enclosure is no different.  As we know, the type of paint used plays a large part in how long the finish will last.  Unfortunately the industry standard finishing on pool enclosure members […]

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Our Top 8 Most Popular Services

Most people think of Gulf Coast Aluminum as a ‘pool cage builder’.  That is true (kind of).  We do build quite a few pool cages.  In total though, pool cages are a very small amount of what we do overall.  We tend to think of ourselves as more of a service provider.  You’ll see why […]

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