Screen-In Front Entryway In Cape Coral

If you live in Florida, you will know right away the magnificent decision that these homeowners made when deciding to build a front entryway screen enclosure. For one, they can open the front door for some fresh air and two, they can now do so without having to deal with Florida’s gnat and mosquito problems. A dream for every resident in the sunshine state!

Our company manufactured a custom aluminum structure for this enclosure that took into account the top design for the odd shaped archway for the archway, which added a bit of difficulty, but with precision, it was created flawlessly. The homeowners also requested a screen door with a lock to add additional security for anything that was left outside their front door.

This home received our quality polyester screen mesh with the top of the line 2604 powder coat acrylic paint to ensure a fine and lasting finish. NyloTech fasteners are used to eliminate any rusting in the joints, and completed with a 10-year warranty. Not only did they make an investment that increased the value of their home, they created a more pleasant entry and exit way into their home that will provide an abundant of long term benefits.

This simple, quick build, that required no permits, added a major benefit to the homeowners and left them extremely happy and satisfied.

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Check out the before and after!

Why Choose Gulf Coast Aluminum?

We’re not just another contractor! We’re the company to call when you want a headache free project!  Don’t take my word for it though, see what our more than 100 customer reviews say.  Keep on reading, to see exactly how & why we are the go to choice when you need a project done right.

  • Gulf Coast Aluminum is an established business with a great reputation for quality, and a physical presence.
  • They are a state licensed contractor in good standing with the community, google reviews and the Better Business Bureau just to name a few.
  • They carry over $1,000,000 of general liability and workers comp insurance for the safety and reassurance of their customers.
  • All of the employee’s are held to the highest standard, which includes periodic drug testing.
  • All permitted projects are assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure quality work from project administration through completion.

The Ultimate Front Entryway Guide! Base Pricing, Screen Doors, Sidelites, Security & More

Front Entry Ways add an aesthetically warm welcome to a home while also offering screen protection from the Florida bugs. Every front entry way is unique with different wall heights and curvatures, meaning every job is a one of a kind design that includes a multitude of options. This article highlights some of the most commonly asked questions and consideration when choosing your new front entryway.

  • A CORAL SUN door with matching SIDELITES and a 7-spoke SUNBURST. This front entry also maintains security as a person cannot fit between the aluminum members.

  • A DOUBLE DOOR front entryway with the Diamond Back doors.

  • Hoop SIDELITES to the left and right sides of a Coral Sun Door.

  • This SECURITY DOUBLE DOOR, the Seminole Sun 20, features a unique layout of aluminum members with close spacing that an intruder could not fit through.

  • Front Entryway with a HERITAGE door with KICK PLATE on the bottom, SIDELITES to the left and right and a 3-spoke SUNBURST on top.

  • A FIGURINE on a Stingray Door and a SUNBURST without a hoop.

1)   The Options: Not only are there several door options but there are several accessories/features that can add significant appeal to your front entryway

  • Sunburst – A wonderful accent that fills in nicely above the doorframe. Sunbursts come in 3 spoke or 5 spoke with or without a hoop.
  • Sidelites –  Sidelites are designer aluminum that go in the spaces between the door and the walls.  Matching Sidelites are great to give a front entryway one cohesive look. Sidelites can also add security since they reduce the space an intruder could fit through.  Sidelites can be ordered in custom lengths to meet the needs of any entryway.
  • Security — Security can be achieved through a design of door and sidelites with aluminum members spaced very close together so an intruder cannot fit through.
  • Double DoorsDouble doors are available for  wide entryways. The price is simply doubled from a typical decorator door price.
  • Kick plate – is typically an 8” aluminum base frame around the perimeter of the front entryway. Kick plates are superb at keeping out dirt and debris from entering the entryway.  
  • Screen VarietyA standard front entryway is screened with Phifer 18×14 screen. However, we can build a front entryway with a wide variety of screens such as Superscreen, No See Um screen, Petscreen and Florida Glass.
  • Oversize Doors – Doors can be custom ordered in any size for a relatively small cost.  Standard doors size is 36″x80″.  Most customers find value in an over-sized door when trying to bring new furniture or appliances in/out of their house.
  • Figurines –  Several Doors such as the Stingray and Plantation series can accommodate  a figurine.  Figurine Choices are displayed below.

2.)   The Doors: Gulf Coast Aluminum has over 100 door options on our gallery website. If you want a decorator door we highly recommend viewing the door gallery here: Each decorator door is custom welded, powder coated and can be painted white or bronze. A standard door size is (36”x80”) but we can design custom sized doors to fit any front entry opening.

Front Entry 13

3.)  Security: For some customers security is a significant concern. Fortunately, we offer some wonderful products that can ensure you and your family have peace of mind. We offer the majority of our doors and sidelites in welded form. The welded doors and sidelites have additional strength compared to standard aluminum products.
We also offer Tasman Security Locks that provide superior design by coupling a double key locking system along with a lever style handle that is fluid in operation. The Tasman can be locked from inside or out with a key.

Tasman Lock 2tasman-mkii-dimensions_12

4.)   Your quote: Initially a member of the Gulf Coast Aluminum staff will be able to give you a convenient online estimate. Your initial estimate will be a baseline price for your standard front entryway, which would include framing the entire front entryway and accompanying sidewalls if necessary and install a standard aluminum door.  After you’ve received your baseline ask your project estimator about the pricing for any features such as designer doors, sidelites, or figurines.