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What A Dedicated Project Manager Means For Your Project

The key to having a any projected completed successfully, professionally, on-budget and on budget is organization and planning.  Having all the ducks in a row before and during the project makes things go smoothly.  That’s what you rely on your contractor for.  Its no secret though, that many screen enclosure contractors are unorganized and plan poorly.   Just consider how hard it is to get some of them to return your phone call.  Or read their reviews online.  Poor organization generally leads to a negative outcome, with projects turning out different than expected, taking too long, or not happening.

Lets take a look at some of the common things that make many of our competitors customers unhappy and see what the problem is:

  1. Phone Calls Not Returned.  This usually happens because no one is responsible for the project.  If the project isn’t tied to a person, who responsible for calling you back.  As simple as it sounds, this break down in communication happens often in the screen enclosure or patio construction industry.
  2. No One Knows What Is going On.  If you’ve ever hired a typical contractor, you know this feeling.  After giving your deposit, seemingly no one knows who you are.  No one know what is going on with your project.  Here’s why this usually happens, with larger companies your project is dumped into an assembly line of sorts.  Its piled up and sorted out with other projects that came in at the same time.  You now go according to their process which will happen whenever they get to it.  On the other hand small operations without anyone to handle the projects tend to stay busy, and overburdened with just completing their operations, yet alone managing the projects from the get go.
  3. Project Isn’t Looking Like What You Expected.  The project takes off.  Ground is broken.  Things start coming together…. but they don’t look like what you thought.  This unfortunately happens when the the worst.
  4. Delays After Starting The Project.  You’ve made it passed the point where no one knows who you are, and things finally start coming to fruition.  Ground breaks on your project and things are seemingly rolling along, and then one day…. it stops.  Waiting on materials.  Sometimes materials can take a long time, and often times manufacturers/suppliers do mess things up, but this can be handled to some extent behind the scenes.
Corey Philip

Corey began working on screen enclosures as a teenager in 2004 after hurricane Charley devastated his home town of Punta Gorda. 7 years later, after holding positions from foreman, to sales, to project manager, while attending college at Florida Gulf Coast University, Corey and childhood friend Thomas Davis founded Gulf Coast Aluminum in 2011. With a focus on delivering an unparrelled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under their leadership. Today you’ll find Corey answering the phones In his free time Corey likes training for triathlons, running the trails at Ding Darling park on Sanibel Island, and of course, working on growing Gulf Coast Aluminum.