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Why a Full Re-Screening is the Best Choice for Fort Myer Pool Owner

Did you know that low grade screen mesh is expected to last for only 2-3 years? While medium grade ones can only last about 7-9 years? But that’s just what Florida weather and environment can do to your pool enclosure. So, choosing the best materials will save you discomfort and money.

Just take this Fort Myer homeowner for example. Having him and his family enjoy their pool area for some years, their screen enclosure is due for a fix up.

So, what we did for him is a pretty simple full re-screening. Since his old screen got torn out, we installed new ones. Specifically, we installed a 20/20 Phifer screen, which is the tighter woven mesh (standard: 18x14) for better protection against No-see-ums.

Furthermore, we want our clients to get the best deal that they can, that’s really important for us. So, we make sure that our clients are equipped with enough information to make the best decisions for a particular project.

We iterate that in such cases as this one, it is much more financially practical to opt for a full re-screening. While panels can be replaced individually, the rate per piece will exceed the cost of having to fully replace your screen all at once. 

Aside from saving money, a full re-screening is also a good way of ensuring that your screen enclosure won’t need to be repaired anytime soon. Because once your screen has a few tears, more are sure to follow. Changing the old screens with quality and long-lasting ones will save you stress and money in the future.

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Just think of how much more relaxing it is to have fun with your family without getting bothered by No-see-ums and not worrying about the next time you have to repair and maintain your pool enclosure. The Gulf Aluminum Coast difference is that we guarantee the you get the best deal and quality for your home.

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Corey Philip

Corey began working on screen enclosures as a teenager in 2004 after hurricane Charley devastated his home town of Punta Gorda. 7 years later, after holding positions from foreman, to sales, to project manager, while attending college at Florida Gulf Coast University, Corey and childhood friend Thomas Davis founded Gulf Coast Aluminum in 2011. With a focus on delivering an unparrelled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under their leadership. Today you’ll find Corey answering the phones In his free time Corey likes training for triathlons, running the trails at Ding Darling park on Sanibel Island, and of course, working on growing Gulf Coast Aluminum.